Tomatoes can maintain their properties for
several days, depending on their condition. The
best method is to store them with the stem down,
which prevents air and moisture from entering the region
where the fruit was picked at the time of harvesting.


Tomatoes come from sub-tropical climates so they do not tolerate
the cold well, this means that
cooling makes them lose their
flavour and properties.

In the refrigerator

There is only one situation where it is advisable to keep tomatoes in the refrigerator, and that is
when they have gone beyond maturity. In this
case, they should be placed in the refrigerator in a
plastic or paper bag with holes to
reduce water loss. They should
be removed from the refrigerator
an hour prior to consumption in order to help them
adapt to room temperature and recover the
delicacy of their original flavour.

Chopping tips

Chopping a tomato is not as simple as it may initially seem.
If not done properly, the slices can fall
apart or it may be difficult to keep all of the parts
of the slice in place. There are three ways in
which you can chop a tomato correctly and
it depends on the recipe you want to prepare.

Away from
direct sunlight

It is advisable to keep tomatoes away from
direct sunlight, unless we want to dry them,
as the sun affects their skin since this
fruit is 95% water.


At the shop, you should choose fruits that are at their
optimum point of maturity as this is when they have a
higher content of vitamin C. In order to do this,
select tomatoes with
smooth skin that are free of bumps or spots. Hard tomatoes are best
suited to salads, and soft ones can be
used in sauces, creams, soups and juices.
Tomatoes are also an excellent
seasoning. They have a very versatile culinary
profile and can adapt to the most varied
dishes, both hot and cold.

Eat 3-5
days after

During this period, tomatoes retain all
their physical and nutritional properties
to the fullest.


Tomatoes taste great either roasted or
grilled. They are also excellent when battered and fried.
They are delicious when used as a receptacle for numerous
fillings, both when eaten raw or roasted.
They work as a side dish and a starter. They are perfect when
preserved and can be packaged raw or fried.

Tomatoes combine perfectly with all types of
meat and fish, while garlic, onion,
oregano, mint and olives provide some
extraordinary flavour complements.
In order
to make the most of the nutritional benefits of tomatoes,
they are best eaten raw, in salad or in juice,
since they can lose up to 50%
of their vitamins when cooked.

Choosing the best tomatoes
for the most
delicious dishes.