Enjoy a new flavour that will captivate all your senses

Who am I?

I am a new tomato brand

I was born on a cool morning in June 2012 in Cabrera de Mar on the Maresme Coast (Catalonia – Spain). My mother is a pear tomato from Girona and my paternal grandfather is a Genovese Costoluto. This mixture of Catalan and Italian blood gives me a truly Mediterranean appearance.

I was born both from the passion to enjoy the Mediterranean diet and from the commitment to recover old tomatoes. We believe that each tomato is an exceptional explosion of colour and flavour.

Taste me and indulge yourself in my infinite nuances.

Do not miss the experience!

Taste me!

How am I?

Let me seduce you…

I am asymmetric and ribbed, my skin is velvety and my sepals are very showy, which give me a lush and voluptuous appearance. From the apple green of my youth, I evolve to deep pink in my maturity and I exude a characteristic herbaceous aroma.

The way I look is the prelude to many sensory attributes that will allow you to enjoy balanced and tasty tomatoes. Those who know me more highlight my sweetness and fruity finishing taste. Enjoy me and rediscover the pleasure of an intense garden tomato flavour, which will persist in your mouth and your memory.

My flavour details make me the perfect ingredient to be part of those unforgettable dishes, prepared with love, and in which the delicacy and simplicity of natural ingredients predominates. However, without losing the properties of the tomatoes that enrich the Mediterranean diet the most.

An appearance that precedes a torrent of perceptions and flavour