Monterosa Collection

Discover the new colors, textures and flavors of tomato Monterosa

Discover Monterosa Collection

“Of all the ingredients we use in our kitchens, the tomato is surely one of the most magical and exciting. Monterosa has awakened the creativity of those who enjoy cooking. The Monterosa Collection provides a wealth of options: its colours, textures, flavours and freshness open up a new world of utterly enticing and innovative culinary proposals”.

Chef David Andrés
3 years best young chef in Spain and Portugal
Finalist San Pellegrino World Young Chef contest
Chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant Via Veneto
Chef at the restaurant Somiatruites


Tasting Note
With a distinctive pink red colour, it surprises with its compact texture and juiciness. It has an intense tomato flavour with fruity and vegetative touches.

Nutritional properties
Source of Vitamin B1 and antioxidants.


Tasting Note
With a bright yellow pearl colour, its texture is soft and it dissolves easily in the mouth leaving a very refreshing sensation. It provides a balance of sweetness and flavour with an exotic and herbaceous aftertaste.

Nutritional properties
It provides more Vitamin C than other tomatoes and contains maltotriose, a natural breath freshener.


Tasting Note
With a mixed red and chocolate colour, its flesh is soft and juicy. On the palate it has a sweet flavour that overwhelms its slight acidity. Its aftertaste reveals toasted notes.

Nutritional properties
It contains Vitamin B6 and several antioxidants.


Tasting Note
With an exotic orange colour, it has a slightly crunchy texture that oozes juiciness. It initially gives off an intense flavour of tomato and then gives way to fresh and fruity aromas.

Nutritional properties
Rich in calendic acid source of omega 6 and found in the calendula.