Tartar de tomate Monterosa con fresas. En la imagen la mano de una persona acercándose al plato y un libro de fondo. Tartar en un plato elegante.

Did you know…

All plants have a sex, but depending on the type of plant, it will reproduce through asexual or sexual means.

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En la imagen una mano sosteniendo un rico y sabroso tomate Monterosa. La chica lleva las uñas rojas a juego con el detalle del tomate.

What is the tomato?

To study the tomato, we must first question the words. Do we know what the word tomato means? Where does the term come from?

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Tomates monterosa apilados unos encima de otros. Por su forma y color están muy apetecibles.

The history of the tomato

There must be thousands of dishes where tomatoes are the main ingredient or the key element. Thanks to its colour, flavour and variety, the tomato has come a long way from the ancient Aztec civilisations to become an almost indispensable fixture in contemporary kitchens.

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