Delicious Martha

This book of exclusive and original recipes is
the product of a collaboration between
Tomato Monterosa and the food blogger
Delicious Martha. You can download it for free
in Spanish and Catalan, so you can enjoy that
unique flavour that makes the Monterosa tomato
a versatile and irresistible companion in
your kitchen.

With a love of photography and a background
in Advertising and Public Relations,
Delicious Martha has been able to combine her
passions and is, today, one of the most popular
Spanish gastronomic influencers on the internet,
with a long history of collaborations with
important media outlets and platforms related
to the world of gastronomy.

The dishes in this recipe book emphasise the
characteristics of the Monterosa tomato, its
distinctive flavour, its unique texture, its
juiciness and its intense herbaceous aroma.

Download it now and enjoy cooking in the
company of Monterosa and Delicious Martha!