This section offers the best recipes for tomato-based creams and broths, in which the flavour of the Monterosa tomato takes centre stage above all other ingredients.


Consommé, soups, broths and creams are just some of the dishes you’ll find in this section, suitable for all palates and designed both for expert cooks and for budding enthusiasts.


The recipes below are of easy and medium difficulty with preparation times of between one and two hours.


Of course, once served at the table, the result will always be the same: a triumph of flavours and aromas, in which the Monterosa tomatoes stand out.


Surprise your guests with these delicious tomato-based starters; with these dishes, you can’t go wrong.

  • Nov112015

    Tomato cream

    Cream of tomato is a tasty and simple recipe, since you only need a few ingredients: a leek, an onion,…

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  • Nov102015

    Tomato Consommé

    The recipe shown below is very versatile, since it can be prepared as a starter or as a base or…

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