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In the website’s photos and videos section, you’ll find several types of multimedia content, including a gallery of high-resolution images of the Monterosa tomato and a selection of videos from the Semillas Fitó YouTube channel, in which the virtues of the Monterosa tomato are extolled in different ways.

For example, in one of the videos by Delicious Martha you can learn how to use this fruit to create a splendid edible rose, seasoned with a splash of olive oil, a pinch of spices and a handful of nuts. It’s a very simple dish to make but, at the same time, very original and striking; a perfect aperitif with which to surprise your guests during a summer lunch.

In the News section of the site, in addition to photos and videos, you can also browse the Press and Blog sections.

In the Press section, you’ll find news, articles and press releases from important national and international publications, that mention both the Monterosa tomato and the company that sells this unique tomato variety, as well as important events and news from the food and horticulture sectors.

The blog section, meanwhile, contains articles published on websites from the gastronomy and other related sectors (restaurants, cooking blogs, forums, etc.) that are considered of interest to users of

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