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A perfect tomato for veggie recipes

This veggie blog Delicias Kitchen is one of our favourites to find original recipes with unique flavours, so we extremely recommend it to you, specially their Monterosa salad with basil dressing!

Delicias Kitchen

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Laura Ponts loves Monterosa

The famous food photographer Laura Ponts is a great fan of our Monterosa as she shows in her Instagram publications, follow her to discover her fabulous pictures!

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The best season tomatoes

Do you know Sarkamanda restaurant in the emblematic train station Madrid-Atocha? They have selected our Monterosa as one of the best tomatoes of the season, what a honour!!

Samarkanda - Restaurante & Gastrobar

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Monterosa Quiche

Who can resist a Monterosa Quiche created by the recognized food blogger Delicious Marta?

Delicius Martha

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Tomato Monterosa with Pyrenees cheese, grapes, nuts and olive oil

The Ascent Restaurant team in Barcelona likes to work with authentic and proximity products as in that one we present here…who can resist to taste it?


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Italian burrata salad with Monterosa, sprouts and salt of black olives.

The Spanish gastronomy blog ‘Directo al Paladar’ would like to join our fans club preparing an easy & quick recipe of Italian salad with our delicious Monterosa as a protagonist.

Directo al Paladar

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Monterosa, an essencial in sportive diets

The FC Barcelona athlete Pau Fradera that is one of the great Spanish sprinters is a Monterosa fan declared for its perfect combination of colour, flavor, shape and texture, an essential ingredient in a professional athlete diet!

Revista Salud Total

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Iria Castro presents Monterosa

It was a pleasure to work with the faboulous chef Iria Castro in our Monterosa showcooking during last Fruit Attraction edition in Madrid!

Iria Castro Catering

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Olives & tomatoes

Olive and tomato, the perfect combination from the most ancient times…and in the Olives Cooperative Virgen de Belén in Sevilla knows it more that nobody so have a look to their recommended recipe…


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Tomato filled of couscous with curry Ligeresa mayonnaise

As you know Monterosa is a healthy and delicious option for your plates, and the members of ‘Club Ligeresa’ knows it more than anybody. For that reason, they haven’t missed the opportunity to combine it with their tasty light mayonnaise.

Club Ligeresa

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Healthy Corner